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T E R R I T O R Y   O F   C L E A R N E S S
MindDecider is lucky to find its own niche among similar decision making tools. The competitors are either too simple to face complex life issues or too math-packed and time-consuming to be intuitive. We hope that MindDecider will make your everyday and business life much easier!
S.Roodchenko, software designer and project director

What's new

Version 15.12.24

  • New functional panel: Structured Text.
    • Work with names and item's descriptions using single linear text.
    • Text layout using different colors, fonts and borders.
    • Work with images and items' visual tags.
    • Work with lists and tables.
    • Use of styles and classes.
    • Use of templates and inserts.
    • Use of HyperLinks by drag-and-drop.
  • Additional features on a Diagram panel
  • New sidebar: Change History.
  • New InLink special resource type.
  • New special criteria types: Vector 2D and Vector 3D.
  • New special resource type: HyperLink works as a HyperLink item.
  • Short wizard is added to choose a function for a resource directory ('?' on a Resource Editor panel).
  • New feature: Distance.
  • New feature: Learning, makes an opportunity to use (self) trained neural networks and other approaches.
  • Experimental option to use several algorithms for item's rating in a project: MultiSchema.
  • Now item Description may contain templates and html-tags (to mark text as 'bold', 'italic' or use in WebTemplates).
  • Description editor in html-mode inserts html-tags by ctrl+b, ctrl+u, ctrl+i, ctrl+k, [shift+]ctrl+=.
  • Now Conditions and SimpleExpressions can evaluate text operations (+, -, @, @@, ==,! =, ===,! == etc.).
  • Now items can be presented on a Map in the form of compact tables.
  • In items' images the background fill can be automatically removed (becomes transparent).
  • Simple expression parsing works ~20 times faster in some cases.
  • TeamWork users can now connect to a TeamWork server even though they don't have a static ip-address.
  • Export project to dBase format (.dbf).
  • Import from SQL (the simplest data subset, so-called SQL-dump).
  • Resource Charts and Chronograms can now be exported to .csv format.
  • Projects can now be saved to Network Storage (General or Private) and read from it (experimental option).
  • Use of background image for Graphics and TimeCurve editors (to manually input image data from images).
  • Now if item's rate does not have a calculated function it can be edited directly on both a Map and Rate Panel.
  • Enhanced WebAccess functionality.
    • New WebTemplate (WebDesign) technique for WebAccess to customize generated webpages (with ability to build a full-function website).
    • WebAccess now shows icons with addresses like 'icon/2-3' or 'icon/emotion-4'.
    • WebAccess now shows icon indexes by address like 'icon/' or 'icon/emotion-'.
    • WebAccess now shows item estimates (properties) by address like '/get/itemid/resourceid'.
    • WebAccess now allows to change item's properties online in the table form.
    • WebAccess now allows to change item's names and descriptions on the Text (editable) page.
  • On a Map panel geographic maps from third-party network sources with an open format (for example, OpenStreemMap) can now be used as background images.
  • On a Day Plan panel external calendars from other projects (in view mode) can be used.
  • On a Day Plan panel the bell position now shows the reminder time.
  • Dragging an item (with Shift key pressed) to a Day Plan event adds HyperLink to this item.
  • Dragging text on a Day Plan event adds Description to this item.
  • Improved integration of several projects opened in neighboring MindDecider windows: dragging points (with Shift key pressed), dragging criteria/resources, activating HyperLink window of another project if it is already opened, etc.
  • Enhanced options to parse html-texts (html-navigator).
  • Numeric interface operations improvements (drag'n'drop actions, Resource editor panel, Text panel, etc.).
  • Program panel offers an option to insert item's and resource's IDs by menu.
  • Text Aliases can now contain small graphic images.
  • The answers saved in the course of 'balancing' procedure can now be viewed in the item's menu 'Information' or on a Rate Panel with enabled 'Internal Properties' within the values of a'PS#BalanceAnswers' resource.
  • New option to view the differences from a previously saved version of a project (*.BAK) and to synchronize them.
  • Improved work with a large number of items: MindDecider projects can now work with more than 25,000 items commonly located on a Map as a tree, or with more than 1,000,000 items with a tabular layout (for the 64-bit version of MindDecider, 8Gb RAM or better).
  • Some critical bugs fixed.
  • Minor improvements.

Version 15.12.22

  • Diagram panel - new enhanced panel to create interactive diagrams and operate with items in a natural way. Six basic diagram types are available - by criteria/resource, by author, by periods, etc.
  • Parse HyperLinked content - new special resource to read network content (webpages), parse it, extract data with RegExp and integrate it into a MindDecider project.
  • New ImageAnalyzer special resource.
  • Now scripts can be executed through the WebAccess like content generators (Pro version only).
  • Also, scripts can be executed by HyperLink (Pro version only).
  • In addition to keyboard shortcuts, any script can now be added as a starting button to the most popular menus like item's context menu, project's menu, etc.
  • WebAccess is optimized and enhanced (Pro version only).
  • SimpleExpression can now operate with text and author's data.
  • Drawing export to .svg file and .htm file with the SVG inside.
  • Items and estimates can import from dBase (*.dbf) format.
  • Extra 'Newest choice' and 'Oldest choice' functions (Pro version only).
  • Criteria option 'No author's estimates' (Pro version only).
  • Optimized map tree collapse/uncollapse operation.
  • New notification system through the MindDecider's icon in a system tray.
  • New HoneyComb skin.
  • New item shapes.
  • Some additional changes into Document Object Model (DOM).
  • Minor improvements.

Version 14.02.01

  • WebAccess - a new option allowing internet users to remotely access MindDecider project with any popular browser. In MindDecider Professional version the project can also be edited remotely.
  • DayPlanner - a new option offering smart automatic planning of your day.
  • New Scripts panel.
  • TimeLine features a large date range - billion years from the Big Bang to the far future.
  • TimeLine now has 7 new visual modes - Compact, Minimal, Leafs Only and Schedule #1-#4.
  • TimeLine now displays item alignments.
  • Spreadsheet now allows to show or hide fields manually and stores different field sets for each mode.
  • Spreadsheet now displays new item fields (FontSize, ShapeArgument, Author, ID, etc.).
  • TeamWork extra improvements - lots of extra values can now be shared.
  • Drawing import from a PostScript (*.ps, *.eps, *.ai) format and XML.
  • Drawing export to *.eps, *.xml and *.ai.
  • A few Drawing improvements: multiple selection, copy/paste, transformations, keyboard shortcuts.
  • ShapeEditor - now allows to set ratio aspect and size of item's shape.
  • Links have three different visual types now and they can be hidden.
  • New SimpleExpression functions: rnd(), min(), max(), sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan(), sqrt(), log(), log10(), exp(), round(), ceil(), floor(), abs(), sign().
  • Visual Filters now work with more values: Duration, Start and End, TimeRange, Authors, Weight, End Weight, Probability, End Probability, etc.
  • New Text resource.
  • New Category resource
  • New Date Control.
  • Import of item shapes from PostScript-graphics (*.ps, *.eps, *.ai)
  • New Document Object Model (DOM).
  • A few minor improvements.

Note: MindDecider project file format has been changed to support new features. Early versions of MindDecider will not read new project files now.

Version 12.05.01

  • new DateSelector side panel
  • extra Teamwork options (Visual, Item Images and Icons) (Pro only)
  • quick adding of resources/criteria into Spreadsheet
  • new TimeCurve types: Absolute, TimeFixed
  • new special resource/criterion: Date
  • new special resource/criterion: MailAnalyser
  • TimeLine interface: direct TimeCurve editing
  • Weight/Probability can be edited via side panel
  • enhanced export/import and copy/paste options
  • enhanced drag'n'drop options
  • Minor improvements

Version 11.12.27

  • Kinetic mouse or touch-screen scrolling (Map, TimeLine, Spreadsheets)
  • 'Fast click' menu options
  • Operations with map background images (tiling, scaling, moving)
  • List of folder estimate functions expanded
  • Unused estimates can be added from Estimation Side panel
  • Direct selection of a date on TimeLine Calendar (year, month, day)
  • Some drag'n'drop operations improved
  • Spreadsheet switchers logic revised
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 11.11.03

  • Network License Manager
  • Critical bugs fixed

Version 11.07.15

  • New predefined item's shapes
  • New customization options for item's shaping
  • Drawing panel improved (scaling, rotation)
  • New predefined background images
  • New ability to create customized areas from image folder
  • Fuzzy & optimized Precision Balancing
  • Direct numeric input ratio for pairs in Precision Balancing
  • Corrected direct input in Criteria Graph Editor
  • Fuzzy indicator error fixed
  • Minor improvements

Version 11.06.25

  • New Experiment panel
  • New 'Formula' function
  • New 'Reference' function
  • Expanded TeamWork capability: more operations, rights extending, autosave, etc.
  • TimeLine interface improvements: snapping, time marks, etc.
  • Simple Expression improvements*
  • New absolute TimeCurves
  • Map background images
  • Minor bugs fixed
    *Note: Meanings of 'fuzzy.L', 'fuzzy.R' parameters were changed. All time parameters now are measured in seconds. It may lead to difference in calculations performed in current and earlier MindDecider versions! Review your formulas.

Version 11.02.10

  • TimeLine interface improvements.
  • TimeCurve import improvements.
  • TimeLine items indicate expiration by turning gray.
  • Fixed project damage in teamwork, that appeared on slow computers sometimes.
  • Fixed Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V in some input fields.
  • Minor bugs fixes.

Version 10.12.20

  • User interface improvements
  • Cross-project HyperLink copy/paste
  • Method's menus are optimised
  • Double-click in Areas works with Icon View also
  • New background grid type
  • Some bugs fixed.

Version 10.12.11

  • Some improvements in user interface.
  • Number of minor improvements.

Version 10.12.07

  • New aggregation methods (Pro only)
  • New "Programming" method for items and consensus (Pro only)*
  • Possibility to apply different methods for different estimates of item (Pro only)
  • Possibility to apply different sets of estimates for different items
  • More effective logic for Multiplication method**
  • More effective logic for calculation of group estimates**
  • Extended subject area capabilities
  • Numerous interface improvements
  • New Visual Filters panel
  • New options for Description panel
  • New options for Areas panel
  • !!!More drag-and-drop-capabilites
  • Lots of minor improvements and and extra features
*Note: "Programming" method is not available for 64-bit Windows, because 64-bit .Net Framework not support it! Feature might be implemented it in future versions.
**Note: some improvements in logic engine may lead to difference in calculations being performed in current and earlier MindDecider versions!

Version 10.06.20

  • New Areas panel
  • Extended subject area capabilities
  • Two types of nested criteria: group and folder
  • New conditional operations: SelectIf, FilterIf, DisableIf
  • Drawing: filled polygons and other improvements
  • Distibute by rate and distribute by estimates options
  • New options for estimation panel
  • New filtering options for items
  • New variables for Formula criterion
  • New Welcome panel
  • Quicktour for the beginners
  • Standardized keyboard commands
  • Faster program load
  • Lots of minor improvements and and features

Version 10.03.10

  • New Teamwork types (Pro version): brainstorming, colloquium, estimation, full access, etc.
  • Drawing tools for creative mind mapping (freehand drawing and preset shapes).
  • New data processing method: 'outstanding'.
  • Message system for easy chatting and teamwork discussion.
  • Structurized menu items, new icons and signs for easy work.
  • Number of minor bugs and errors fixed.

Version 9.12.16

  • Spreadsheet mode added: table presentation of data.
  • Sliding panels for spreasheet and time line modes.
  • Reminder alarms for time scheduling.
  • Number of minor improvements.

Version 9.10.28

  • 4 types of risk summation: basic aggregation, accumulation, absorption and logic addition.
  • New subject area type - hierarchical thesaurus (more than 200 tsd. synonims, hyperonims, hyponims, other associated words).
  • New timeline features: time-estimates diagrams (tab hotkey), info tags on current pointer, zoom options for timeline bars.
  • Number of minor improvements.

Version 9.09.17

  • Timeline sequence conditions and item linking option added.
  • Insertion of images into item objects, new image filling option.
  • Undo error fixed.
  • Number of minor improvements.

Version 9.09.03

  • Timeline improvements - new markings, multi-level display of items.
  • New criterion - end (global) probability.
  • Subtree color fillings.
  • New option "Make twins" - duplicates of items.
  • New input ways for fuzzy values.
  • "Don't apply significance" option is added for item criteria.
  • Number of minor improvements.

Version 9.08.11

  • New 'fuzzy' calculation options.
  • Two processing methods added ('Max possible' and 'Min possible loss').
  • Tornado diagram analysis.
  • Default icon set extended.
  • Export to bitmap images (PNG).
  • New predefined background and text colors.
  • Data storages for estimates and probabilities are available.
  • Number of minor improvements.

Version 9.07.23

  • Some improvements in user interface.
  • Selection of items created by different authors.
  • New hot keys.
  • Clearer visual presentation of item's links.

Version 9.07.15

  • Rate calculation for negative multiplicated criteria is changed. Now it works in a more logical, clear and predictable way. In old projects, the use of negative multiplicated criteria could lead to different results of choice.
  • Links from web pages can be dragged and placed into MindDecider objects to serve as HyperLinks. To set a HyperLink from a currently viewed page, press address bar's icon on your browser and drag it to a MindDecider item.

Version 9.07.05

  • Item's link color now indicates weight or probability of the link. The more saturated is the link, the more important it is.
  • Number of minor changes.

Version 9.05.29

  • Multiplicated criteria folders are added. This allows to set parameters which are interrelated or influence each other.

Version 9.03.09

  • "Sample Formula" special criterion is added.
  • "Total Duration" special criterion is added.

Version 9.02.28

  • Icon-estimation link is added.
  • HyperLink now refers all estimations to an external program.

Early versions

  • Archived...
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