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T E R R I T O R Y   O F   C L E A R N E S S
MindDecider is lucky to find its own niche among similar decision making tools. The competitors are either too simple to face complex life issues or too math-packed and time-consuming to be intuitive. We hope that MindDecider will make your everyday and business life much easier!
S.Roodchenko, software designer and project director

Clients say

Shahin Deylami

I want to work in business modeling and when i work with excel & other softwares i cant handle non metric parameters and i want MINDDECIDER to find the best solution by involving all parameters that i want.therefore i need very strong decision making software and i choose MINDDECIDER because it is very very user friendly and easy to use.

Joao Melo

However full of options to spend our money and time our life is, it is critical to have a strong approach to prioritize those options of where to invest our precious assets. It doesn't matter if it's personal or professional challenges.
I am a veteran user of to-do lists and I used to face the lack of effective prioritization algorithms in most of products which I found frustrating. Of course, I never sought to compensate that manually. With MindDecider Personal all this left in past for good.

João Melo
Project Manager
(privare user)


I found MindDecider the most helpful in my position as a leader of quite a big team. The software is ideal for everyday planning having such function as building tasks trees and monitoring the performance. Friendly interface makes the work easy and pleasant. When I see the whole tree with teamworkers on it I can view where they are and what tasks they are doing. Gantt diagrams show the sequence of tasks, their duration and total time which gives a terrific visualization effect.

Working on our video project, Alfa Encounter, we had to deal with lots of management and work monitoring. The project included more than 20 workers - scriptwriters, artists, modellers, programmers, etc. MindDecider became an irreplaceable helptool in that. Due to its powerful treelike visualization, Gantt diagrams, we successfully solved our organizational issues. I was also surprised how easy was to learn the basics of MindDecider, even despite its extensive functionality. Our company is glad to use MindDecider in optimisation of our activities!

Sergey Vorozhtsov, CEO
Mirball Studio
(corporate user)

Hyunseok Kim

I am working in Policies and planning department at an university in South Korea and am mainly in charge of school evaluation of the University.
Your program 'Minddecider' helps me do my work successfully in many areas, especially in evaluation of school's performence of our University. becuase it allows me to assess them qualitatively and quantitatively. And I believe Minddecider would be more intuitive and visual than Expert choice that I used.

It is usefull not only my work but also private business. I argued with my wife about our new daughter's name a few days ago. We decided her name after we simulated several names with Minddecider using criterions such as pronunciation, meaning, etc. To our surprise, the result from the program satified both of us.
I strongly recommend my colleagues to use the program in their business because it is the most effective and efficient among programs that I have used.

Thank you.

Hyunseok Kim
Handong Global University
(corporate user)

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