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T E R R I T O R Y   O F   C L E A R N E S S
MindDecider is lucky to find its own niche among similar decision making tools. The competitors are either too simple to face complex life issues or too math-packed and time-consuming to be intuitive. We hope that MindDecider will make your everyday and business life much easier!
S.Roodchenko, software designer and project director


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Заголовок Effective decision making software for everyday planning and task management.

Simple and intuitive interface, easy work and high functionality based on mind mapping concept, multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP).

MindDecider has a universal scope of application. It is equally useful in optimization of your household budgets or making ethical decisions, planning your workday or performing complex measurements. It brings confidence in a right choice among real life options offering visual simplicity and high usability.

Clearly, mathematics has a lot to do with programs of such kind. MindDecider, however, successfully hides all the math stuff inside so that a common user could easily enjoy the program without any special technical knowledge. MindDecider may even go without numbers just answering your questions and finding right values.

Brief description

  • supports various ways to generate solutions and their estimates, facilitates creative approach
  • different methods and procedures to estimate both numeric and non-numeric (quality) parameters
  • structural presentation of items and subitems in a form of a hierarchical tree which makes a project visually illustrative and simplifies its control
  • easy and intuitive Time Analysis mode allows to set time characteristics for objects
  • automatic time optimization which opens new horizons for various planning and scheduling activities
  • ready templates for the most popular tasks
  • choice of subject areas with regularly internet-updated data (performance indicators, prices, etc)

Tasks solved by the decision making software MindDecider:

- creation of To Do lists

- household budgeting and planning

- choice of best job place

- choice of worthy education

- choice of investment opportunities

- buying best house, best car, etc

Specific features

  • 3 work modes: Plan mode, Estimation mode and Time Analysis. Each of them offers specific functions and displayed features depending on the goal pursued.
  • Plan mode: general project structure, decision tree drawing, operations with items and subitems. Colors, fonts, shapes, images and drawings. The mode offers minimal display options to present an idea of mind mapping as it is.
  • Estimation mode: adding criteria to estimate variants (subvariants) or resources. The mode offers additional math features to the Plan mode.
  • Time Analysis mode: setting time characteristics of items. The mode offers Timeline option (Gantt diagram) that shows time behaviour of items and their contribution to a final result. Timesheet panel provides detailed view of project's time characteristics.
  • Report: brief statistics of the compared variants, reasoning of the best or the worst choice, time-rate distribution graphs, etc.
  • Spreadsheet panel: table form with rows representing items and columns – their attributes.
  • Several data processing functions: choice of the best or the worst variant, summing, calculation of probabilities and average meaning, maximize win and minimize loss.
  • Two balancing procedures to compare pairs of parameters or items. Fast Balance - simple pairwise comparison (choice of one variant). Precision Balance - visual comparison where a user sets a share or proportion between two parameters. 5 types of visual aids is offered: graphs, areas, segments, numbers or multitudes.
  • Time Optimization function: automatic distribution of objects in time under the user-set conditions or constraints. Examples of conditions: event A occurs before B, event A occurs after event B, event A occurs if the rate is over zero point, event A ends simultaneously with event X.
  • Fuzzy calculations: setting intervals for estimates to add uncertainty into decision analysis.
  • Sensitivity analysis: Tornado diagram showing relative importance of parameters.
  • Risks analysis: 4 basic methods for calculation of risks.
  • Drawing tools: freehand drawing with preset shapes and curves for further integration into user's mind maps.
  • Subject Areas: selection of project templates with predefined and regularly updated data (GCI performance indicators, prices, indices, etc).
  • Hyperlink option: linking of a MindDecider project to any file or a document. Users may exchange data if another MindDecider project or file is hyperlinked.
  • Direct input system to facilitate quick typing of information.
  • Export to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Bitmap, XML, HTML and other formats.

What's new in the latest version?

Minimal system requirements:

  • Microsoft Framework 2.0 (Download from microsoft.com)
  • Mouse with scroll wheel (recommended) or stylus.
  • 512Mb of free RAM.
  • 128Mb of free disc space.

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