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T E R R I T O R Y   O F   C L E A R N E S S
MindDecider is lucky to find its own niche among similar decision making tools. The competitors are either too simple to face complex life issues or too math-packed and time-consuming to be intuitive. We hope that MindDecider will make your everyday and business life much easier!
S.Roodchenko, software designer and project director

MindDecider Version Comparsion Table

MD Personal MD Pro MD Team
Teamwork allows several users to work on-line on the same project which enhances its validity, saves time and provides collaborative approach to decision-making process. Teamwork is realized in an on-line mode by tcp-ip protocols either within one organization or worldwide.
Multi-Author work
Multi-Author work allows log-in and offline work for multiple authors with the same document. Each author has his/her own set of estimates. Author's estimates can be combined into consensus. Multi-Authors work can be performed offline or by turns.
Multi-Estimate work
Multi-Estimate work allows storage and operation with multiple estimate sets within the project. Each author has his/her own set of estimates.
Calculation of a consensus estimate formed by different experts, calculation of average, optimistic and pessimistic conclusions to find the right solution and to forecast the best or the worst scenarios.
Program Function
Program Function allows writing small C#-programs to calculate estimates and other values. Programming is performed based on the MindDecider interface. Instead of formulas, Program Function provides full-access to all internal fuctions of MindDecider.
Experiment Panel
Experiment panel allows division of a project into desired intervals (work days or months, for example), its recalculation and writing history of estimate changes with TimeCurve. Also, Experiment panel allows testing influence of changeable start values on end result, and thus optimize the project according to them.
Administrator's control
Administrator's control over the project and other authors, setting and removing of authorities or restrictions. .
Messenger is the communication tool to quckly share information between colleagues or friends.
Item Functions
MindDecider Pro item Functions set.
10 25+ 25+
Number of licenses
1 1+ 10
Plan Mode
Plan mode: general project structure, decision tree drawing, operations with items and subitems. The mode offers minimal display options to present an idea of mind mapping as it is.
Estimation mode
Estimation mode: adding criteria to estimate variants (subvariants) or resources. The mode offers additional math features to the Plan mode.
Time Analysis mode
Time Analysis mode: setting time characteristics of items. The mode offers Timeline option (Gantt diagram) that shows time behaviour of items and their contribution to a final result. Timesheet panel provides detailed view of project's time characteristics.
Table Panel
Table form with rows representing items and columns – their attributes.
Report: brief statistics of the compared variants, reasoning of the best or the worst choice, time-rate distribution graphs, etc.
Fast Balance
Balance - balancing procedure to compare pairs of parameters or items.
Fast Balance - simple pairwise comparison (choice of one variant).
Precision Balance
Balance - balancing procedure to compare pairs of parameters or items.
Precison Balance - visual comparison where a user sets a share or proportion between two parameters. 5 types of visual aids is offered: graphs, areas, segments, numbers or multitudes.
Time Optimization
Time Optimization function: automatic distribution of objects in time under the user-set conditions or constraints. Examples of conditions: event A occurs before B, event A occurs after event B, event A occurs if the rate is over zero point, event A ends simultaneously with event X.
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