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T E R R I T O R Y   O F   C L E A R N E S S
MindDecider is lucky to find its own niche among similar decision making tools. The competitors are either too simple to face complex life issues or too math-packed and time-consuming to be intuitive. We hope that MindDecider will make your everyday and business life much easier!
S.Roodchenko, software designer and project director


MindDecider Autumn 2016 Update


MindDecider keeps on growing and evolving into the best decision making and planning tool on the market. We are grateful to all our clients who help us improve and find new features to add. In new version users will be able to customize web pages with WebTemplate function, export projects to dBase format, include templates and html tags into item descriptions, connect to TeamWork without static ip-addresses and do many other options. New vesion is soon to come this Autumn!

  • Extra features on Diagram panel.
  • Numeric improvements with interface operations (drag'n'drop actions, Resource Editor panel, Text Aliases panel, Estimates panel, Program panel, etc).
  • New InLink special resource type.
  • New WebTemplate (WebDesign) technique for WebAccess to customize generated web-pages (with ability to build full-function web sites).
  • Now item Description may contain templates and html-tags (to make text 'bold', 'italic' or use in WebTemplates).
  • Possibility to insert html-tags in html-mode of Description editor by ctrl+b, ctrl+u, ctrl+i, ctrl+k, [shift+]ctrl+=.
  • Conditions and SimpleExpressions can now evaluate text operations (+,-,@,@@,==,!=,===,!== etc.)
  • Simple expression parsing works about 20 times faster in some cases.
  • TeamWork users can now connect to TeamWork server even if they do not have static ip-addresses.
  • Export project to dBase (.dbf) format.
  • Enhanced WebAccess functionality.
  • WebAccess shows icon with addresses like 'icon/2-3' or 'icon/emotion-4'.
  • WebAccess shows icon indexes by address like 'icon/' or 'icon/emotion-'.
  • WebAccess shows item estimates (properties) by address like '/get/itemid/resourceid'.
  • WebAccess now allows to change item properties through web in table form.
  • In Program panel allows to insert item’s and resource’s IDs by menu option.

MindDecider New Year discount!


Following the latest release of MindDecider MindX2 presents a special 20/16 New Year offer to our clients. Purchasing Minddecider software in December will save you 20% off the total price. All January deals will bring 16% discount. The offer covers all MindDecider versions and is applied to all our clients. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year 2016 with an updated MindDecider


MindX2 is happy to step into New Year 2016 with an updated MindDecider! All current and future users will enjoy new panels and diagrams to work with items, enhanced WebAccess options, possibility to integrate web data into MindDecider projects and many many more.

The whole MindX2 team wish our clients and partners a comfortable and effective work with MindDecider, 100% right decisions and Merry Christmas!

2015 Spring MindDecider version - What's new


This spring, 2015, all MindDecider versions sprout new green leaves. Here's what was added and modified from the latest release:

  • Diagram panel - new enhanced panel to create interactive diagrams and perform operations with items in a natural way. Six basic diagram types are available - by criteria/resource, by author, by periods, etc.
  • Parse HyperLinked content - a new special resource allowing to read a network content (webpages), parse it, extract data with RegExp and integrate it into a MindDecider project.
  • Now scripts can be executed through the WebAccess like content generators.
  • Also, scripts can be executed by HyperLink.
  • In addition to keyboard shortcuts, any script can now be added as a starting button to the most popular menus like item's context menu, project's menu, etc.
  • WebAccess is optimized and enhanced.
  • SimpleExpression can now operate with text and author's data.
  • Drawing export to .svg file and .htm file with the SVG inside.
  • Criteria option 'No author's estimates'
  • Optimized map tree collapse/uncollapse operation.
  • New notification system through the MindDecider's icon in a system tray.
  • New skin HoneyComb.
  • New item shapes.
  • Some additional changes into Document Object Model (DOM).
  • Minor improvements.

The spring version is now under beta-testing. All our clients and beta-testers are welcomed to try the pre-release downloading it from here Downloads.

MindDecider 14.02.01 - Massive Upgrade


More than a year of hard work on MindDecider has turned into massive additions and upgrades of Personal, Pro and Team versions. A new 14.02.01 release has lots to boast about.
New WebAccess option allows users to remotely access MindDecider project and even edit it. Brand new DayPlan scheduler makes it quick and easy to plan your tasks and optimize them with just a few mouse clicks.
Among other features: new Scripts panel; TimeLine, Spreadsheet, TeamWork, Drawing improvements; new resources; possibility to import PostScript shapes for items and many other cool options. Find the new version on our Downloads page and enjoy enhanced possibilities!
The full list at minddecider.com.

2013 Summer Discount


The summer has come, and it is hot outside, (as well as at MX2 office) so MindX2 announces the hot discuont season!

Summer means different things for everyone. For someone it means sun & warmth, for other - travel & rest, or fun & new opportunities. MindX2 adds one more pleasant thing to it - while the temperature goes up, the price for MindDecider products goes down. Start your new, fresh, well-planned summer with MindDecider!

Five-Stars Award - MindDecider ranked 'Essential'


The software MindDecider has been reviewed by one of the largest software download directories Findmysoft.com.
Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated MindDecider 5 out of 5 stars, naming it "Essential".

The video presentation supplemented with an article illustrates basic MindDecider features: easiness of work and the effectiveness of the tool.

The review has been performed by a software review editor Frederick Barton on April, 4.
The full version is available at minddecider.findmysoft.com.

The Spring prize-draw is over on April, 1


Today, on April 1, the MindX2 team announces the end of the spring MindDecider Pro draw. The company congratulates the participants, wishing success in their businesses, hoping them to continue following the news and taking part in the upcoming events.

MindX2 congatulates everyone to All Fool's Day and expects them to stay sober-minded and decisive, thus increasing the amount of intelligence around the world.

However, on days like this it is possible to relax, have fun, tease each other, fool around, knowing that all the plans, projects and decisions are supported by MindDecider and its developer team.

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