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T E R R I T O R Y   O F   C L E A R N E S S
MindDecider is lucky to find its own niche among similar decision making tools. The competitors are either too simple to face complex life issues or too math-packed and time-consuming to be intuitive. We hope that MindDecider will make your everyday and business life much easier!
S.Roodchenko, software designer and project director

Mind mapping basics

What is mind mapping?

Mind mapping is a very popular tool for generation of ideas, brainstorming and training that helps to visually structure your thoughts and draw links and interrelations between them.

Mind mapping is often used for the following purposes:

  • organization, structuring and filtration of thoughts in a form of decision trees
  • setting connections and relations between items
  • visual exchange of information on seminars, meetings, brainstorming sessions
  • information management - mind maps can be used as a visual interface or a database containing information or links to files/web-sites
  • analysis of complex tasks by breaking them down into the simplest phases, ideas or objects.

Tips for effective mind mapping

Advantages of MindDecider's mind mapping tools:

  • simple and intuitive interface allowing quick and easy creation of items and drawing of decision trees
  • easy move, zoom in/out, collapse/decollapse of items and branches
  • several pre-defined tree structures
  • possibility to involve co-workers or friends for effective teambuilding and brainstorming
  • tools for visual marking of items - color fillings, marks and signs, fonts, etc.
  • presentation tools - export to MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, image formats
  • combination and integration of several mind maps into one to see the general picture
  • reports: view brief statistics on the created items.

Thus, MindDecider can be used purely as a mind mapping tool for everyday and business planning, organizing thoughts and daily schedules, making presentations, generation of ideas and sharing them with others.

You may find extra information on mind mapping theory and techniques on our links and reading page.

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