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Subject Area:

GCI performance indicators for 134 countries of the world

The subject area is based on Global Competitiveness report 2008-2009. The document is released by The World Economic Forum - an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas. It contains a detailed country/economy profile for each of the 134 economies, providing a comprehensive summary of the overall position in the rankings as well as the most prominent competitive advantages and disadvantages of each country/economy. Data tables with global rankings cover over 110 indicators grouped into 12 categories or pillars of competitiveness:

  1. Institutions: property rights, judicial independence, burden of government regulation, efficiency of legal framework, business costs of crime and violence, strength of auditing and reporting standards, etc.
  2. Infrastructure: quality of overall infrastructure, quality of roads, railroads, ports, air transport, electricity supply, telephone lines, etc.
  3. Macroeconomic stability: government surplus/deficit, national savings, inflation, interest rate spread, government debt.
  4. Health and primary education: business impact of malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, incidences of malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, infant mortality, life expectancy, quality of primary education, primary enrollment, education expenditure.
  5. Higher education and training: secondary, tertiary enrollment, quality of educational system, math and science education, management schools, internet access in schools, etc.
  6. Goods market efficiency: intensity of local competition, market dominance, effectiveness of anti-monopoly policy, extent and effect of taxation, No. of procedures and time required to start a business, prevalence of trade barriers, buyer sophistication, etc.
  7. Labor market efficiency: Cooperation in labor-employer relations, non-wage labor costs, rigidity of employment, hiring and firing practices, pay and productivity, brain drain, female participation in labor force, etc.
  8. Financial market sophistication: local equity market, ease of access to loans, venture capital availability, strength of investor protection, soundness of banks, regulation of securities exchanges, legal rights index, etc.
  9. Technological readiness: availability of latest technologies, firm-level technology absorption, laws relating to ICT, FDI and technology transfer, mobile telephone subscribers, Internet users, personal computers, broadband Internet subscribers.
  10. Market size: domestic market size, foreign market size.
  11. Business sophistication: local supplier quantity and quality, cluster development, nature of competitive advantage, value chain breadth, production process sophistication, extent of marketing, etc.
  12. Innovation: capacity for innovation, quality of scientific research institutions, company spending on R&D, university-industry research collaboration, availability of scientists and engineers, etc.
How this information can be handled via MindDecider program tools?
  • download "Countries:CGI" subject area to your MindDecider\Areas folder.
  • open it in a context menu "Select area" --> Countries.
  • open a context menu and click +Countries option to select a country.
  • open a Criteria editor (F9). In a context menu click +Countries to select a criteria. Assign significances for them if you consider some criteria more important than others.
  • select an Estimation mode (F6) to view the estimates for the given countries.
  • choose a processing method to find a country with the best/worst performance by the selected criteria or to calculate total/average meanings for the defined estimates.
  • view a comparison statistics in a Report mode (F8).

Thus, you may select any country and any criteria needed for your tailored analysis which is much easier and more illustrative than traditional spreadsheets. Moreover, finding the best choice is just one mouse click away and takes no more than a second!

Track this page regularly to find new updates that will be added as soon as new information is released or discovered.

Download and explore "Countries:CGI performance indicators".
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